Sunday, March 6, 2011

Class 7, 3 more classes to go. More flowers! The top row are the instructor's samples, bottom row are my trials. Starting from the left daffodil, violet, primrose, and mums. The daffodils are made with tip 103, once you have pipped it out, you dip your fingers in cornstarch and pinch each of the petals. The center is suppose to look like an upside down beeshive. The violets were pretty, although I wished my purple was more rich and darker in color. I find these look alot like last week's painsies. The primrose were probably my favorite, made w/ tip 104 and tip 16 for the center ( I also think these were the easiest this week). The mums, I personally don't like at all. I don't like the organge color, nor the shape, but if you want to try it's tip 81. Next week we are learning 2 more flowers, daisies and lily of the valley. It's also actual cake decorating time - buttercream icing with the basketweave. Then we get to use all our flowers from the last few weeks. IT's going to look like SPRING!

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