Monday, July 18, 2011

Cake or Cards today....i say cards!

Here are my latest creations. Working from the bottom up, the first is my Bellerific Friday Card. I love cooking and I love card I have combined the 2. I tested out my new copic markers on this image. I don't love them....yet. Who would have thought they would have made you an instant artist when using them...ah me! Well not so much. I made due for the time being, but I think I need more colors, of course a bigger investment....yeah investment in markers. Moving on...I needed some masculine birthday cards, so I made the greenish brown one for my cousin Jeffrey who is woodsy outdoors type...looks appropriate, eh? The other one with butterflies although my best intentions were to go masculine...not sure butterflies are a guy thing, maybe if I had a dragon fly. Last but not least is my sparkly 40th birthday card for a dear friend and neighbor. I love the little sparkles a bit time consuming, but worth the PUNCH! Happy viewing!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sour Cherry Pie will now always remind me of 4th of July. I baked 2 of these pies for our family BBQ. I was a little worried about sour cherries, but you wouldn't even know they were sour when you were eating a piece. I also baked sour cherry tarts with a lemon custard - they were delish and I don't typically like lemon desserts, but they were extremely time consuming to make all the part and put it all together. They were all eaten before I could snap a picture! Email me if you want either recipe.