Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some cards in between!

Attached are some cards I whipped up and have already mailed out. I like to make cards with someone already in mind, but it usually leaves me behind :)I need to make a card to do list for the weekends, although with the thought of the sun shinning soon, everyone might get left behind. I hope I will still find time to cook and card create...that is once the sun arrives!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter Cake

Ithought for Easter I would get a little cake creative. I made a yellow cake mix from scratch and ended up with this 13 x 9 start to the bunny and 7 round cakes ranging from 4inches to 8 inches! That was a lot of batter!! For this guy we mixed some food coloring with regular store bought icing to come up with the various colors, and with the great assistance of my 7 year old she proceeded to decorate with mom's help of course. I decided to make homemade vanilla pastry cream as a filling for my 7 other cakes! Cut up some fresh strawberries to add to the cream and layered them up, covered with fresh whipped cream!
I can eat the pastry cream all on its own...yum! I should invest in a dairy farm with all the eggs, milk, and butter I am going to be using!

Happy Easter Card


Gosh am I EVER behind in my blogging. I have lots of cards and cakes to update! This is a card I just made this last week for Bellerific Friday. I love the way it turned out. My card formatting is so simple. I just like it that way! Although it is a late Easter card, so it will get put away in my card stash to use...next Easter!
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