Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's a card making frenzy. What better way to spend Sunday than in your pajamas! Ok so, working from the bottom up... This first card is for my dear friend Kim. She recently got engaged and bought her first house with her fiance! Of course such occasion would call for some special card making.I really like how this one turned out, probably because I love the sewing detail and the colors. The second card sort of serves 2 purposes; 1) it's my aquamarine color pallet card for this coming Bellerfic Friday - not really a fan of this color and therefore, I had very little paper or embellishments in this color pallet. I hope it's enough "aquamarine" or am I color blind. 2) I need a thank-you card for this Tuesday, when our Brownie troop is visiting an artist at work. So with the appropriate sentiment it serves my 2 purposes. My third card is one I made of scraps. It makes me feel so useful when I can make another card with leftovers...sort of like food...make another recipe that tastes nothing like the first with leftovers...what a concept. This one will be mailed to a dear cousin in Italy whose Christmas card I just received last week. Gotta love the postal system!
I also have some royal icing flowers I made in my Friday cake decoraing class! Gotta get some pictures of those yet! Can you tell I am procrastinating...with iron still on today's to do list!

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