Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday July 15th

I was so looking forward to a night out with a girlfriend, since my family is still away. We decided to go to Unionville, an area I had not yet explored, but she promised it was quaint. Quaint it was. Lots of cutesy boutiques, ice cream parlors, restaurants, small streets - forcing slow speed, flowering pots, even a baby raccoon out prowling the streets before all the good eats were gone. We picked an Italian place with a back patio since it was a pleasant night to eat outside and catch up on girl talk! The patio was moderately full and they had a prefix summerlicious menu. As we were looking over the menu, to my surprise a piece of burning incense fell from above onto my arm and I immediately jumped due to the obvious burning sensation, only to have it land on my chair which I then flicked off, before I noticed ash burning my dress!!!!!!!!! Talk about a bad start! The host slash waiter saw this unfold and quickly removed the remaining burning incense above me. I was tempted to leave at this point, we only had water, and hadn't ordered, really would not be of any inconvenience, but I didn't want to get all dramatic so I calmed myself down and didn't suggest leaving. We ordered our meals, appetizer, entree, dessert. In my humble opinion I find most restaurants can serve edible appetizer, after all how do you mess up a salad. However, the true test is the entree....Well I should have known what I was in for when the tired looking portobello and hardly cheesy tomato was laid in front of me. This is when I say to myself...the meal I could be cooking at home for this kind of money, but as I refrain from being overly critical, I politely share my appetizer instead :) The entree I had chosen was tilapia in a citrus wine sauce over roasted veggies....ah...roasted veggies usually don't translate to burnt, but I guess at this place they do. Not to mention we were never offered bread and had to ask multiple times for a water refill! Dessert was no homerun either! Kim's sorbet arrived melted and my creme brulee tasted like Egg. At this point I was ready to get the Hell out of there. We attempted to quickly pay the bill and get on with our night. To say the least the tip clearly reflected our dissatisfaction of the evening and my post on chowhound will make me feel much better when I inform fellow consumers to avoid. LA GROTTA in Unionville

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